My Twitter Experience

By: Johanna Masango

So I had an assignment whereby I was required to identify three different interesting articles and tweet about them on Twitter. The theme I’m covering on my blog is music, whereby I post about musicians new music, concerts and also what they are up to, so basically my tweets mostly focused and were based on music.

The first tweet I tweeted was of Demi Lovato announcing on twitter that she is taking a break from music and the spotlight, the article also covered the news that Demi Lovato shaded country musician Taylor Swift on Twitter. The reason I decided to tweet about this is because Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift are well known musicians, and that their fans might want to know what is going on between them, since the rivalry between the two musicians has been going on for a while now, and also because Demi announcing that she is taking a break from music.

The second tweet covered Solange Knowles’ explaining her album ‘A Seat at a Table’ on how it is an album that inspires and encourages Black culture and independence, the reason I saw this article interesting is because I have listened to the album and I found it very intriguing, and it tackles the issues that the people of colour face in America.


My third and last tweet was about Rnb musician John Legend’s latest single “Love Me Now” from his fifth upcoming album Darkness and Light. The reason that I decided to tweet about John Legend’s new single was that first of all John Legend is a well-known Rnb musician and I felt that his fans would love to be informed on his new single.

From these tweets I did not get any response on them, what I did get were likes and retweets. I think that the reason for me to not get so responses on these articles, is because I’m not well known, I only have a few followers on Twitter and also I’m not that active on social media.

I think that maybe in the future in order for me to get responses and get noticed, is for me to be an active person on social media, so that I can be able to build my fan base and get recognised.




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